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Bamboo Clothing

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New for men

Bamboo Tshirt For Men

Introducing a special collection of bamboo t-shirts made just for men. These t-shirts are eco-friendly, which means they are good for our environment. You can wear them regularly, and they have a relaxed and casual style, so you'll look cool and stylish while wearing them.

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Crop top for women

Women sustainable crop top t-shirt

Introducing our Women's Sustainable Crop Top T-Shirt - a perfect blend of style and eco-friendliness! This special collection of t-shirts is not only fashionable but also cares for our planet.

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Women Bamboo Dress

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4 Benefits For Organic Clothes

Better for the skin, better for the environment. Superior quality clothes that are part of the race to make the world better for tomorrow.

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  • Thermo Regulating

    Keep your body temperature maintained to perform optimally.

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  • Moisture Wicking

    Stay dry, stay fresh. Regulate sweat and moisture efficiently.

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  • Sustainable Material

    Easier on the environment without compromising on quality standards.

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  • Anti Fungal

    Antimicrobial properties ensure no odor and greater fabric longevity.

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We Manufacture Eco-friendly Clothes

Recycle & Sustainable Clothing offers a complete range of wholesale eco-friendly clothes for women and men, covering everything from yoga leggings to gym pants to summer running t-shirts and the list is exhaustive.

Sustainable Activewear

We follow state-of-art practices to keep intact quality in our fabric.

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  • sustainable waste collection ethically sourced clothing
    Waste Collection

    Fishing Nets, Plastic Bottles, Fabric Scraps, Carpet Flooring

  • sustainable linen fabric ethically sourced clothing

    Transform Flakes To Nylon 7 Plastic Chips

  • sustainable fashion labels ethically sourced clothing
    Plastic Chips

    Make Chips Into Fabric Fibers

  • environmental clothing brands ethically sourced clothing

    Make Chips Into Fabric Fibers

  • recycled polyester fabric ethically sourced clothing
    Recycled Fabric

    Make Chips Into Fabric Fibers

  • best eco friendly brands ethically sourced clothing
    Eco Active

    Create Sustainable Active Wear From Recycled

Our Facilities

Cutting-edge facilities that not only uphold the highest industry standards but even redefine the existing benchmarks.

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Technology R&D

sustainable fashion business

Weaving Workshop

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Sewing Workshop

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Hot Stamping

Stages in Textile Manufacturing Process

The team at Recycle And Sustainable Clothing follows a robust manufacturing process that reimagines fabric quality through advanced technologies and attention to minute details. We ensure comfort and performance in our fabric, which enables people to perform optimally during workouts.

Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing

At Recycle And Sustainable Clothing, we have extensive manufacturing capacity. With state-of-the-art equipment in place, the dyeing, printing, and finishing process is quick and efficient.

Cutting and Sewing

We have a specialist team that overlooks this stage of the production, ensuring the finer details are perfect to the dot. We offer the widest sustainable collection of activewear for women and men of all sizes.

Ironing and Snipping of Thread

Finalizing the output and ensuring the clothes map to the defined standards. Our team irons out the fabric and takes care of the details at the end.

Checking and Packaging

We have multiple quality checks in place, making sure the final delivery is superior in every aspect. The last step includes rigorous quality checks, post which the clothes go for packaging.

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16+ Years


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7 Countries

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55 Countries

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10,000 +

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100+ Frontend

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2000+ Backend


Sports Dress

Soft | Comfortable | Supportive

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We have a global presence, which enables us to cater to business owners, bulk buyers and distributors around the world.

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We Excel in Wholesale Recycle and Sustainable Clothing Manufacturing

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Adding vibrance to high-performance fabrics

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Clothes for every shape and size

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Ensuring maximum fabric strength

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Cleaner edge, finer finish

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Removing creases; achieving a flat appearance

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Ensuring the highest quality standards

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Making it ready to ship

Private label

Create your own design and own your own brand. Recycle And Sustainable Clothing is a leading private label manufacturer of organic clothes.

Our Clients


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  • zero waste fashion brandsOffice In USA: 1 855 525 2642
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    Ready to place your bulk order? Or have any questions? Connect with us today and we would be happy to assist you through.

    ‘’Sustainability is not simply a trend that’s going on these days but it’s a necessity to improve the ‘health of the environment’ which is slowly deteriorating due to man-made actions’’— with this thought and the ultimate aim to do something meaningful for the people, planet, its marine, and wildlife, we, Recycle Clothing, one of the biggest wholesale sustainable clothing manufacturers, bring a refreshing collection of eye-catching, classy yet eco-friendly bulk clothing pieces that are world-class in design and style.

    We Are A Revered Wholesale Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

    Hailed as a famed sustainable clothing manufacturer, we offer a vast assemblage of never-seen-before, comfortable, durable bulk sustainable clothing. Our expert and experienced team of design professionals know what they are doing and use only 100% certified organic cotton, recycled or biodegradable materials along with fabrics sourced from recycled plastic bottles to create an impressive assortment of ethical sustainable clothing. In trying to achieve zero waste, we focus on minimizing waste production as much as possible. In addition, we make it a point NOT to use harmful pesticides or chemicals in the generation of eco-friendly wholesale clothing. Are you a business owner or retailer who wishes to place your bulk order from such a sustainable apparel manufacturing unit that focuses on fair labor wages and green business practices? Drop a mail to us now!

    Our Bulk Catalog Is The Very Definition Of A Top-Quality Recycled Clothes Wholesale Collection

    Unending, useful, and environmental-friendly, our catalog shows quality clothing items. Right from eye-gripping, functional fitness pieces to sophisticated tees, pants, jackets, and shorts, the product catalog has it all that you would love to include in your store’s sustainable clothing collection. Displaying attractive colors, prints, patterns, cuts, styles, designs, and shapes, the jaw-dropping array of this wholesale recycle clothes manufacturer comes with the silent promise of winning the hearts of your eco-conscious customers and boosting the sales of your store. Our bulk collection other than being earth-friendly is skin-friendly as well. Soft and smooth, each and every piece is a delight to wear. Want to work with one of the top recycled polyester fabric suppliers? Contact us today!

    Get Smart Customization Services At Affordable Rates

    Thinking about how to get the spotlight on you in the recycled clothing market? Go for affordable clothes customization from us, your most dependable custom recycle clothing manufacturer. When there are so many sustainable custom clothing manufacturers in the market, wondering what makes us different from them? It is our determination to satisfy and please you with the results which makes us to work hard in the right direction. No matter what sort of designs you have in mind, as soon as you share them with us in your brief, we do our best to produce your order as per your needs, preferences, and specifications. When you team up with us, one of the most established custom sustainable clothing suppliers, we neither make you compromise nor give you a chance to regret. So, don’t wait! Take advantage of the various easy and smooth custom design options offered by us now!

    Rely On Us For All Your Private Label Eco-Friendly Clothing Needs

    Keen on launching your own uncommon, spectacular sustainable clothing collection? Want to present items to your customers that have a distinct touch of your own? Reach out to one of the most preferred private label sustainable clothing manufacturers, Recycle Clothing. Starting from the fabrics to the designs of the clothes, decide on everything.

    Now, you are in charge of your bulk order, while we deliver you the desired outcome.