Do you need a top-grade shorts manufacturer to source your supplies from? Recycle and Sustainable Clothing can be your trusted manufacturer and supplier helping you revamp your store’s stock. We cater to the needs of and satisfy their diverse requirements. We have our headquarters in Beverley Hills, USA and have a global clientele. Our distribution network is first-rate and along with 100% customization services, we offer fast shipping making your bulk orders to reach you in quick time. That’s how it should be, right?

    We Are the Best Shorts Manufacturer in USA

    When you need wholesale organic cotton shorts or shorts made of Linen, Tencel, Hemp, Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton and the like, we are there to provide you with the best supplies – every time! But what makes us say this with so much confidence? What makes us the best? Top-grade quality of our shorts is one reason. We make no comprise when it comes to the quality front, despite our affordable pricing. You can get only the best shorts, made of premium quality fabric that ensures comfort, convenience and safety. Plus, we have a top-level customer support team to deal with your queries, guide you to our best products, and even help you with after-sales assistance.

    Go Over Our Catalog of Sustainable Shorts in USA

    Do you need wholesale bamboo shorts or of any other sustainable fabric? Just look at our range of shorts and place bulk order. We have a really large collection consisting of shorts that match your needs and budget. You can find these in diverse colors, designs and sizes, just the way you need, and that only helps you make an easier choice. As a bamboo shorts supplier offering other sustainable shorts variety too, we know that buyers want quality and variety in their products. And that is what we stress on. The color palette is usually serene and picturesque, nature-inspired prints are a huge hit when it comes to sustainable shorts. You can also bulk order solid-colored shorts, bright printed variety, Aztec print ones or a collect with a rustic charm, and warm earthy tones. Check our collection, now! You will be pleased to look at our range, and place an order with satisfaction. Whether you need shorts for casual use or workouts or athletic activities, you can order from us.

    Get 100% Customized Shorts

    Whoever said that you only need to choose our readymade shorts? We have the option for customization as well. You can easily get our shorts in the designs or colors of your choice, or even the specific size that you want, and have it delivered to your preferred destination. You can get bespoke designs, prints or graphics that you need. Whether you want colored drawstrings, buttons on your shorts, extra pockets, zip pockets at the back and the like- we can churn out a bulk order for you. Or you can discuss any specific customization that you are looking for in your ordered shorts. Recycle and is a top organic cotton shorts manufacturer. Naturally, you can expect us to be fully committed to sustainability. We only use recycled fabrics and natural fabrics while making shorts for our global buyers. Our entire production process is eco-safe, down to the packaging, and you can be fully assured about our commitment to the environment.

    We are Your Trusted White Label & Private Label Organic Shorts Manufacturer

    We are also a trusted white label & private label organic cotton shorts supplier and also offer a variety. At Recycle and Sustainable Clothing, we make every effort to make sure that you get shorts with your brand logo, theme and other features. Discuss your branding needs with us, and get fully customized, branded shorts from our store.

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